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Lil' Maya! by onlycartoons
Lil' Maya!
Surely much fans of The Simpson met her as the new (and ex-) girlfriend of Moe!

I tried to draw her as a chibi but I couldn't make it at all good! Sweating a little... :…


Maya (c) Matt Groening
In the previous chapter: The criminal redhead Bulldog was about to kill the police officer Jones and me,until suddenly a mysterious woman police appeared on the scene with his bat and she knocked the villain,leaving him virtually helpless and she saved our life.
-¿Who is this woman?- Jones and I wondered at the same time.
The girl came to us and showed us his identity and rank.
- !Hi, I'm the official Emmy¡- Emmy presented cordially.
At one point she came over and looked at my companion, as if I knew him very well.
-!Wow, I know who you are, Officer Jones Grimsborough,I'm glad to saving your life¡- Emmy said happily openly.
-!So is Emmy,I see you know about me¡- Jones ensures as he shook the hand of his savior.
For my part, I decided to greet the red-haired girl.
-¡Hello Emmy,I'm Inspector Jennifer,and I thank you for saving me!-
-¡It was nothing Inspector,and besides it is my duty to protect to the citizens from the criminals,as does your partner!- Emmy affirmed proud and she waved back.
Then we met personally, the Official Emma handcuffed to the knocked wrongdoer,and Jones and I helped her to carry Bulldog in the police patrol to take him to jail (where he never had to leave).
The Detective Jones and I decided to climb into the van beside Emmy and we accompany her to bring the criminal to Grimsborough prison.

Before coming to jail (by car)...
-Hey Emmy,¿Is it true that you ever met before Officer Jones?- I asked anxiously to my new colleague.
-¡So is,Jenny¡- Emmy states.
-After I know him during the game,I started falling in love with him-
-¡Woo¡- Jones said surprised by the confession of the police Emmy about him.
Our day of break (Chapter 4: A unexpected help).
For request of Yami ( ) I decided to make and submit the next chapter today (specially because I had time) !
And here appeared a guest special,The officer Emmy (thanks to his permission)
I didn't imagine that in the english version,the chapter was a bit short! Sweating a little...

Inspector Jennifer (c) Me
Jones (c) Criminal Case
Officer Emmy (c)
Donny,el primo del Gordo Tony! by onlycartoons
Donny,el primo del Gordo Tony!
En realidad lo hice hace 1 mes pero lo termine de pintar ayer gracias a que he mirado una de las escenas del episodio El gordo Donny que tome una foto!

Donny (primo del Gordo Tony) (c) Matt Groening
Dibujo (c) Mí

In reality I made it 1 month ago but I finished to paint yesterday thanks I've looked one of the scenes of the episodio The fat Donny that I took a photo!

Donny (cousin of Fat Tony) (c) Matt Groening
Drawing (c) Me
My special drawing of Yogi Bear! by onlycartoons
My special drawing of Yogi Bear!
I think this drawing of Yogi (with ballons and presents) I made it 1 or 2 years for his birthday! :party:
But I decided to share it and submit it here today! (Someone knows If today definitely in this month is his birthday?)

Yogi Bear (c) Hanna Barbera (ultimely Warner Bros)
Drawing (c) Me
The last that happened in the previous chapter was:

-¿If Something bad happens to me, what would you do?- Asked Jones.

At one point,I stayed without saying anything,without thinking twice I gave an accurate answer to my colleague.

-I risk it for you Jones,like any close partner of yours would you save up for it.And I'd save you for you don't happen anything- I replied.

-¡At least I know that you support me (referring to me),and especially the way you let me know!- Assured Jones shocked.

-¿Are you sure you sacrifice your life for me? Although I would not let any of the Grimsborough prisoners will murder you for my fault.-

-¡So is, Jones!-

-¡I'll take that as a yes!- Said the detective a little unsure.

Let's do one thing: We finished our lunch, we return to our homes but after paying the bill. Tomorrow...You'd accompany me to patrolling the area to rule out any danger? -

-¡Of course yes!- I stated.

After the lunch the detective concluded Jones and I (who recently ascended to the post of Inspector to pass level after level),we return to our houses until the next day.

But before that,we made a short walk through the neighborhood.

Jones modestly took me to my house,but before he left,I said goodbye to him.

It was not long before the sunset,even so,I took a nap (and probably also my partner) until tomorrow.

The next day, my companion and I found ourselves in a street not far from the police station to locate a suspicious trail.

-¿Do you see anything suspicious Jones?- I asked.

-Not yet,Jenny- Jones said.

Until a silhouette hidden from an alley grabbed '' unexpectedly '' my partner and covered her mouth, but luckily managed to make a sound so you can help him.

-¡Hey criminal,I don't see who are you by the darkness but if you do not let my colleague,I will kill you even I go to jail!- I threatened firmly to the bandit.

The thug did not answer my threat, so without expecting anything and because he saw his shadow,I fired my gun.


After my shot,Jones broke free and he ran toward me.

-¡Oh,Inspector Jennifer,thanks for saving me!- Expressed grateful Jones.

-¡It was a pleasure,Detective!- I expressed happily.

And both gave us...this was stopped because the shot criminal who had caught my friend, came out from the shadows to reveal their identity.

-¡Hello Inspector Jennifer and Detective Jones!- Declared the criminal with his short red hair misaligned with his blue jacket named Bulldog,convicted of killing a citizen named Dan Broke (in the case 4).

-¡Look Jones,although your colleague has hurt my arm with her bullet,I'll kill both!- He threatened maliciously.Bulldog nearly about to shoot, until a mysterious woman hit him with her bat police in the head,leaving him helpless and without reacting.

My police partner and I were shocked and wondered to each other...

-¿Who can be that woman?-
Our day of break (Chapter 3) !
I passed this third chapter between Jones and my OC (but in english version) !


Advance: In the next chapter It'll appear a guest special!

Inspector Jennifer (c) Me
Jones (c) Criminal Case
Story (c) Me
:pumpkin: :pumpkin:
A los que celebran el Halloween (o Noche de Brujas) les deseo un Feliz dia!

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jennifer espindola
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hola!!!bueno este dibujo lo saque de una de mis cuentas de DA!!!
soy de Argentina,se escribir un poco en ingles y me gusta dibujar,aunque ahora no este dibujando todos los dias!!!!

Favourite style of art: cualquier estilo!!!
Favourite cartoon character: varios...

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